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Paint Care & Ceramic Coating

Looking for a way to enhance the appearance and longevity of your car's paint? Wallis Auto Detail has you covered. Our paint care and ceramic coating services are designed to protect your vehicle against damage and keep it shining bright. Contact us today and let us take care of your car.


2-Step Paint Correction

3-Step Paint Correction

Rock Chips

Scratch Repair

Carnauba wax

Graphene Ceramic Coating 

Let's break it down

Waxing: We offer 3 levels of waxing services to best fit your needs. Our Level 1 Wax includes : Wash service and wax ($50)
Level 2 Wax includes: Wash service, Paint decontamination and wax ($100)
Level 3 Wax includes: Wash service, Paint decontamination, Light polish and wax ($200)

Graphene Ceramic Coating: At Wallis Auto Detail we use Graphene infused ceramic coating by Adams Polishes to give you an affordable yet long lasting coating. 7+ years of protection!

This services requires a delicate procedure and must have a enclosed or shaded area to sit for 24Hrs to cure. Contact us for more information about Graphene Ceramic Coating.

Polishing: Make your vehicle shine! We wash, decontaminate and polish your vehicle for that polished look. Please understand that a polish only removes about 10-15% of swirls, this service is best for newer cars.

2- Step Paint Correction: The famous 2 Step Paint Correction by Wallis Auto Detail. This service removes about 70-80% of swirls and scratches for that deep color and shine. Recommended for vehicles that have oxidation, moderate swirls and scratches, 5-10 years old depending on condition.

3- Step Paint Correction: The 3-Step Paint correction is the most aggressive and cautious paint correction service that we offer. Why? We will use 1500-3000 Grit sanding pads, buffing pads and polishes to remove up to 95% of all oxidation, heavy swirls and scratches. Your paint will look fresh off the lot depending on the true condition of your vehicles paint condition.

Rock Chips: Rock chips are a bummer and look unpleasant, we can fix that! You can go online to Touch Up Direct to order your specific vehicles paint pen, or we can do it for you!

Scratch Repair: Scratches are also un pleasant but sometimes easily fixable, we use clear coat to fill in the scratch then 3000 grit sandpaper to level it off then finish with a buff then polish.

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